Raising Voices for Fireworks Challenge
An Official Fundraiser to Benefit Veterans

In Cooperation with


Cascadia Home Loans
& Hit Machine

Support our Veterans and a blast this 4th of July.


Here’s how the whole thing works! Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? If so, this should look familiar. This challenge encourages a nominated participant to sing and/or donate to the Saint Helens Fireworks Fund. Then the participant nominates three others to do the same. Challenged folks then have 24 hours to opt out by way of $20.00 charitable donation to The Saint Helens Fireworks Fund or complete the singing challenge. Singers will then raise their voices to the tune of America the Beautiful and post the video to the Raising Voices for Fireworks Challenge fb page – details below!


When you donate at least $20.00 you gain access to Cascadia Home Loan’s Facebook Wall of Fame! There you are encouraged to dedicate your donation to a friend or family member who embodies the spirit of the 4th of July! Each donor will have 100 words to honor their chosen recipient.


Here is a breakdown of the rules:


1. Get Challenged

This is a crucial step! You actually need to be challenged in order to participate.

It's like a game of telephone, really. A parent, child, friend or bitter rival will sing and upload a video, and then will call out three other people to accept the Raise Your Voice for Fireworks Challenge. Then those three people will call out three others, and so on, and so forth leading to a branch-like spread of the Challenge!

If you want to participate, but have yet to be challenged, go to fb page for Cascadia Home Loans and click “get challenged.”

2. Accept the Challenge

Once you've been challenged, you have 24 hours to complete challenge. If you refuse the challenge, which is an option, you're a heartless tightwad with no patriotic spirit. So, don't be a heartless tightwad!

Once you've decided to forgo heartlessness, you can take one of two paths:

2A. Pay $20.00

Don't want to sing? Understandable. Donate $20 to the St. Helens Fireworks Fund. You can do that by hitting the easy to find "donate" button on the Cascadia Home Loans fb page. This is a secure button that sends fund directly to The St Helens Fireworks Fund. At this point, you are granted access to Cascadia Home Loan’s Facebook Wall of Fame where you can dedicate your donation to a loved one who embodies the spirit of the 4th of July!

2B. Sing “America The Beautiful”

Don't want to pay $20? No problem, get ready to film yourself singing “America The Beautiful”. But – and this is important – you are still encouraged to donate to The St Helens Fireworks Fund, just not the full $20. We'll get to that in a minute.

3. Set the Stage

Now that you've accepted your inevitable superstar fate, you'll need the following:

- A copy of the song lyrics (unless you know it by heart)

- A video capturing device with eventual access to the internet

- Background music or winging it a cappella style (your choice)


4. Film Your Masterpiece

The Maximum video length is 3 minutes and it must include the following information:

A: Your name

B: Who challenged you

C: Accepting the challenge ("I accept the Raise Your Voice Challenge")

D: Three more people you want to challenge

E: Your donation amount (at least $1 - Go Big or Go Home!)


That's it! Don’t forget to have fun!

5. Upload Your Masterpiece

Then you can upload your video to Cascadia Home Loans fb page and share on your own Facebook page too! Make sure to plug St Helens Fireworks Fund as well as Raising Voices for Fireworks Challenge in your post.

The winner of “Best Video” will score the opportunity to sing on stage with Hit Machine during their 4th of July Columbia County Fireworks Celebration.

6. Don’t Forget- If you accept the Raising Voices for Fireworks Challenge and upload a video, you are still encouraged to donate! $1 works, $5 is good - more is great! Meanwhile, Cascadia Home Loans will match contributions to The St Helens Fireworks Fund up to $1000.00. Woo Hoo! Hit Machine rules!!!  

  Check them out  http://www.bartpro.com/

St. Helens Fireworks needs your help. Every dollar you spend goes to Skyrocketing Exploding Fireworks Celebrating the 4th of July.


Remember, Challenge 3 People To Do The Same