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Cascadia Home Loans offers fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages. We also work with FHA, VA, and USDA loan programs. Why wait? You can get started now, save your progress, and come back to finish anytime. If you have questions just give Cascadia a call and we will walk you through the home loan pre-approval process.

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How The Cascadia Mortgage Process Works

  1. Discovery - Cascadia takes the time to learn about what makes you, you. Your unique situation, goals, and plans. Taking the time to get to know you helps us put together a plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  2. Application - The part the most people dread, but don’t stress, Cascadia walks you through every step and makes sure you understand the different documentation needed.
  3. Submit - Here’s where you send in your info to be processed.
  4. Loan approval - Helping you find the right loan is the most important step. We will work through all of the options, crunch the numbers and present you easy-to-understand details so you can make an informed decision and most importantly, so there are no surprises at closing.
  5. House Hunting - Now the really fun part begins. Armed with your buying budget you partner with your realtor to find your perfect home. Once you find it you make an offer, order an inspection and get an appraisal. Plus shopping for a home when you already have a loan in hand, means sellers will take you seriously!
  6. Closing - Get your pen ready… shortly before closing you will meet with your escrow agent to sign a big stack of documents. You might have writer's cramps when you are done but do you hear that sound… it’s the sound of your new keys jingling!
  7. It's Yours - Once your paperwork has been signed, Cascadia reviews everything and wire the money to escrow which handles the transaction and makes sure you are recorded as the new owner. The keys are yours! All that is left is to move in!

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