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Looking for a better rate or to use some hard-earned equity for a project? Cascadia can help find the right refinance for your goals

Cascadia Home Loans offers great rates for everyone. Because we don’t believe in one size fits all you can be sure you are getting a mortgage product and rate that fits your goals. Why wait? You can get started now, save your progress, and come back to finish anytime.

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How The Cascadia Mortgage Process Works

  1. Discovery - You might just want to get a lower interest rate, or maybe you have a big home improvement project in mind, a large expense to pay for or want to consolidate debt. No two refinances are the same which is why Cascadia Home Loans takes the time to learn about your unique situation, goals, and plans.
  2. Application - The part the most people dread, but don’t stress, Cascadia walks you through every step and makes sure you understand the different documentation needed.
  3. Plan - Your Cascadia Loan Officer will work with you to create a workable refinance strategy based on your goals.
  4. Submit - Here’s where you send in your info to be processed.
  5. Loan approval - Helping you find the right loan is the most important step. We will work through all of the options, crunch the numbers and present you easy-to-understand details so you can make an informed decision and most importantly, so there are no surprises at closing.
  6. Closing - Get your pen ready… shortly before closing you will meet with your escrow agent to sign a big stack of documents. You might have writer's cramps when you are done but do you hear that sound… it’s the sound of your new keys jingling!
  7. Your new mortgage - Once your paperwork has been signed, Cascadia reviews everything. Your new lender wires payment for your old mortgage to that financial institution. If you are pulling cash out, that will transfer to your bank account. If you are setting up a home equity line of credit, that will be set up and you will receive instructions on how to draw from it.

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